Reexaminations (Reexams)

     Inter Partes Reviews (IPR)


Our law Firm focuses on the broad spectrum of Intellectual Property matters, particularly in patent drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the electrical, computer, mechanical, and health-reated fields including genetic testing. We handle Design Patents as well as utility patents; copyrights as well as patents and trademarks; US patents as well as non-US patents through agents in other countries; initial prosecution of patents as well as post-issuance proceedings such as Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs).

We have secured important patents in fields such as mobile payment technologies, fiber optics, text messaging technologies, location technologies, semiconductors, optical systems, lasers, prepaid, high speed communications circuits and computer hardware and software, video streaming, cyber, VoIP, wireless, smartphones, email, E911, SMS, SIP, laser eye surgery, telehealth, batteries, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning, neural networks, and business methods.